Harry Potter Name Generator: Our Picks For The Coolest, Most Unique Names

We all love Harry Potter, we all love Harry Potter names. But typing them all out can be a real pain. This Harry Potter name generator is here to save the day. And if you’re looking for a fun Harry Potter name then this is the Harry Potter name generator for you.

Harry Potter name generator clicking the wizard icon, you’ll be taken to a four-panel generator that features the popular Potter series’ namesake. At the top of the name generator, you can enter your first name and your family name. On the next page, you’ll be provided with a list of options that feature one of the series’ most iconic characters.

And if that weren’t enough Harry Potter goodness for you, you can click on the website link and enter a birthdate to see the name generator results in the appropriate year.

Click the link, enter your birth date, and you’ll land on a screen where you can input more personal information such as your favorite character or what your Hogwarts house would be. Before you know it, you’ll have a new cool and clever Harry Potter name for your baby or even yourself. Our Picks For The Coolest, Most Unique NamesWe’re only on the Harry Potter name generator stage, but already we’re loving these picks.


No matter what your favorite character is or where you fall on the characters’ fanaticism spectrum, we all know that Harry Potter names are pretty cool. Whether you want to go with the obvious choices like Harry, Hermione, or Ron, or take your Potter name in a bolder, more unique direction like Neville or Sirius, there’s no doubt that this name generator has you covered. (And if you need more of a refresher on the Harry Potter books, have a look at the Wizarding World O.W.L. / NEWT section of our Harry Potter lexicon.)

Which Harry Potter name are you? Add your choice to the list at the bottom of the page. ConclusionThanks to Twitter and Reddit, I’ve been able to try a ton of random names. This isn’t going to be one of them. But if I do find one I like, I’ll share it with you. For now, here are some of the favorites I’ve come up with so far.

The really weird ones are thanks to my friend Celia, who suggested that I use “Merlun” instead of the name “Merlin.” I’ve been running a few surveys over on Survey Jam and it’s been really interesting. The questions range from “Who are your personal heroes” to “Who is your ideal breakfast?” Today, one of the questions was “Who is your favorite hero?” I couldn’t decide, so I asked my friends. So far, the results are below. The name I ended up picking was “William the Zuul.” She’s a little over-the-top, but I love it.


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